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Vault Overview

Vault Overview

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Vault Overview

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An overview of the Data Vault

The WinVask avtaler Data Vault is a place where you can store any important information. Examples of what you can store in the Vault could be passwords, directions, notes, bank account details, etc. You can create categories for your data, so what you store in here is up to you!

To open the WinVask avtaler Data Vault, simply right-click on the WinVask avtaler System Tray Icon, and choose "Data Vault" from the menu that will appear.  Below is a picture showing the Data Vault, with the various parts of the screen outlined beneath it.



The "Menubar" contains your menus, which in turn provide you with numerous tools and options.



The toolbar provides "search" functionality, which you can use to search through all the data stored in your Vault.


Format Bars:

The Format Bars provide typical formatting functionality for when you type data into the Vault, such as "Bold", "Underline", "Font Color", etc.


Vault Text:

Once you have selected where you want to store the data in the Vault (using the Vault Tree), you can type the text that you want to store here.


Vault Tree:

The Data Vault can consist of as many "pages" and "subpages" as you like. You can use the Vault Tree to create new pages, arrange your pages into folders, and select which page you want to view or edit.