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Program Options Overview

Program Options Overview

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Program Options Overview

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An overview of Program Options

As with any software, WinVask avtaler can be configured using a "Program Options" screen.  This screen can be accessed by right-clicking on the System Tray Icon, and selecting "Options".

The Program Options screen is broken up into categories.  On the left of the screen you will see a list of these categories, such as "General" (for general options), "Interface" (for options pertaining to the user interface), and so forth.  Simply select an item from this list (either by using your mouse, or by using CTRL+TAB on your keyboard) and settings pertaining to that category will appear on the right hand side of the Program Options window.

The Program Options screen has Context-Sensitive Help which you can use to find out more information about any setting.  If you need more information, it can be found by selecting the applicable page from the list below:




Calendar: My Calendars

Calendar: Labels

Calendar: Reminders

Calendar: My Pictures

Calendar: InfoBox

Calendar: RSS-Feeds





Program Logs

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