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Data Sharing Overview

Data Sharing Overview

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Data Sharing Overview

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Sharing your data with other users

You can easily share your WinVask avtaler data (calendars, addresses, etc) with other users on your network!

Unlike other Personal Information Managers, WinVask avtaler does not use a server.  We decided that we didn't like the idea of using a server because it means that someone has to set up that server; you usually have to pay extra for the server's hardware and software; if something goes wrong with the server it messes up everything for everyone; and you can only see your data when you are connected to the server.

Instead, WinVask avtaler has a built-in "Replication Engine".  The way this works is really simple, yet incredibly powerful.  Let's say that Gary, Fred, and Bob are all connected to the same office network, like this...


Let's say that Gary creates a new appointment in WinVask avtaler.  As soon as he creates the appointment, WinVask avtaler intelligently scans the network for anybody else who is using WinVask avtaler.  If it finds other users it will automatically tell them about the new appointment, and everyone will automatically see that appointment on their computers!


Okay, but what if Bob is away or not connected to the network when Gary creates his new appointment?  What then?  How will Bob know about Gary's appointment?

Well, Gary's computer will still tell Fred's computer immediately, and it will tell Bob's computer about the appointment the next time Bob is on the network!

Okay, but what if when Bob comes back Gary is no longer on the network?

Well, Gary's computer will tell Fred's computer about the appointment immediately, so when Bob comes back Fred's computer will tell Bob's computer about Gary's appointment!!  How awesome is that!!?  Another useful side-effect of this design is that when Bob is away from the network he still has full access to all of his data!  So you can easily run WinVask avtaler on a laptop and take the laptop off-site; every time you reconnect to the network WinVask avtaler will automatically tell everyone else what changes you made to your data, and it will update itself with any changes that other users made while you were away!!

You might need to get a cup of coffee before looking at the next picture because this is just so fantastic...  In effect, here's what WinVask avtaler does over your network to ensure that all data is replicated to everyone as quickly as possible, and to ensure that all data gets to everyone even if they are away...


This means that if a new user joins the network (well call her "Anne"), then any of the computers can tell her about everyone's data, like this...


Impressed?  Good.

Okay.  Now that we've explained how it works, below are some common questions we get asked...

I want to share my Address Book and / or my Calendar.  Where do I begin?

In the 'Program Options' window, select the 'Data-Sharing' tab.  Simply tick "Enable WinVask avtaler data-sharing" and you're done!


Can I set which users on my network are allowed to see my appointments?

Because we understand that people's information is private, we have designed WinVask avtaler not to share information unless you want it to.  By default WinVask avtaler will not share any of your data (Address Book or Calendar).  If you want to share your data you need to open the Program Options screen, select the 'Data-Sharing' tab, and manually tick 'Enable WinVask avtaler data-sharing'.

You have further control when sharing your calendar in that you can also set 'User Permissions', so that certain users can have read-only access, full access, or no access.  To configure which users you want to share your data with, simply open the Program Options screen, select the 'Data-Sharing' tab, then click on the button titled "Configure Other Users".


What if I only want to share some of my addresses with other users?

Each address in your Address Book has a checkbox called "Private".  By default this is not ticked, meaning that all the addresses in your Address Book are not private, and if you enable data-sharing all your addresses will be shared.  If you do not want to share certain addresses in your Address Book, simply tick the "private" checkbox for those addresses.  Easy as that!  There is a similar "private" checkbox for your tasks and your appointments.

If you mark an Address as Private and that address has already been shared with other users, any changes you make to that address from that time onward will not be shared.  If you mark an Appointment or a Task as Private after you have already shared it with other users it will be removed from their calendars.  If you create a new Contact, Appointment, or Task, and mark it as Private immediately, it will not be shared with other users.


If I share my data with other users on my network, what happens when I try to use WinVask avtaler if I am not connected to the network?

That's the beauty of this design.  Your data is still stored on your computer, so if you are not connected to the network you can still see and change all of your data, even if you're not connected to the network!  Simply continue working, and the next time you are connected to the network your changes will be sent to the other users and you will receive any changes they made since you unplugged.