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How do I send bulk email

How do I send bulk email

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How do I send bulk email

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Sending Newsletters

Usually when you send one email to more than one person, then each person who receives the email can see all the email addresses of everyone else that you sent the email to.  Even if you use the "BCC" field, it is still quite easy for someone to look at the underlying email properties and see who you sent it to.

What actually happens is this...


In other words we are sending one email to three people.  They will all receive the same email, and will all be able to see all the email addresses that you sent the email to.

Sometimes you may not want everyone to see all the addresses that you sent  the email to.  For example, let's say that you were sending out an email newsletter to your clients.  You wouldn't want your clients to be able to see who else received the email!

WinVask avtaler provides a feature called "Newsletter Mode" which solves this problem for you.  Newsletter Mode allows you to create one email message, and then send it to multiple people, where each person receives a unique copy of the email, sent to only their email address.  In effect this is the same as if you physically sent a unique email to each person.  Or to use a picture, Newsletter Mode works like this..


In other words you are actually sending the email three times, not once.  By using the Newsletter Mode feature you can make WinVask avtaler do this for you automatically!  You you only need to type and send one email, and WinVask avtaler will then send separate copies of that email to each person.  This means that each person receiving the email will only see their email address on the email, and they won't be able to see who else you sent it to!


Email Personalization

What if you wanted to send one email to 10 different people, but you wanted each email to start with the person's name?  For example, "Dear George", "Dear Bob", etc.

With WinVask avtaler this is easy to do!  We have created a feature whereby you can insert "fields" into the email, like [FIRSTNAME], [LASTNAME], etc.  So by writing "Dear [FIRSTNAME]" WinVask avtaler will intelligently add each persons first name directly into the email.  So all your recipients will feel as though you took the time to write a unique email just for them!


How do I do this?

To send an email in Newsletter Mode proceed as follows..

1.From the Email screen, click on the "New" button on the toolbar, as if you were creating a regular email.
2.Enter the addresses of the people that you want to send the email to in the "To" field.  Separate the email addresses by using a semi-colon, for example ";;".
3.Enter a subject line for your email.

So far we have not done anything differently to if we were sending a regular email.

Now you need to enable Newsletter Mode.  Click on the "Tools" menu and click on "Enable Newsletter Mode".  Two things will happen.  First, you will see the window's titlebar changes from "Compose Email" to "Compose Newsletter".  Second, you will see a new menu appears called "Fields".  You are now in Newsletter Mode!

You can now type your email message.  If you want to personalize the email, you can do this by using the "Fields" menu.  For example...

1.In the email, type "Dear ".
2.From the "Fields" menu, click on "First Name".  You will see that your email now reads "Dear [%FIRSTNAME%]".

When you send the email WinVask avtaler will substitute "[%FIRSTNAME%]" for each recipient's first name!  Easy as that...