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Email Overview

Email Overview

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Email Overview

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To open the WinVask avtaler Email client, simply right-click on the WinVask avtaler System Tray Icon, and choose "Email" from the menu that will appear.

The WinVask avtaler email documentation is split into two sections, this section (covering the email client where you receive and read emails), as well as a section on the Email Editor, which covers how to create and send emails.

Below is a picture showing the Email client, with the various parts of the screen outlined beneath it.  The best way to learn how to use WinVask avtaler's email functionality is to take a look at the section in the documentation titled "How do I" which covers frequently asked questions.



The Toolbar contains buttons that will enable you to quickly create a New Email, Reply to an email, Forward an email, and Send & Receive. For more information on the toolbar please click here.


Email Views Tree:

Unlike some email clients which use email folders, WinVask avtaler uses "Views". This is explained in more detail here.


Email List:

Use the Mail Views Tree to determine which emails are listed here, then select an email here to preview it in the Mail Preview pane.


Preview Pane:

The currently selected email (in the Email List above) is displayed in the Preview Pane.