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Desktop Notes Overview

Desktop Notes Overview

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Desktop Notes Overview

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An overview of Desktop Notes

WinVask avtaler has a feature called "Desktop Notes" that lets you create virtual "Sticky Notes" on your computer's desktop.  To create a new Desktop Note, simply right-click on the WinVask avtaler System Tray Icon, and choose "New Desktop Note" from the menu that will appear.  Below is a picture showing a Desktop Note, with the various parts outlined beneath it.



Click the little grey, downward-pointing arrow on the left of the Title Bar and a menu will appear, presenting you with a number of options (including "Always on Top", "Send to Another User", "Send to Calendar", and "Delete").



You can move the Desktop Note by simply dragging its Title Bar with your mouse - in the same way that you would move any normal window.



Click the Close button to close the Desktop Note.  This does not delete the Note, it simply closes it.  The next time you start WinVask avtaler the note will reappear.  You can also reopen any notes that you have closed by right-clicking on the System Tray Icon, and selecting "Open Closed Notes" from the "Misc" submenu.  If you want to delete a note you can do that from the Menu (see above).


Note Text:

This is where you type whatever you want to store in your note.



If your Desktop Note is too small to display all the text you have entered into it, then you can use the scrollbar to scroll up or down.  You can also resize your Desktop Notes by using your mouse.


Desktop Notes by default will appear on on your Desktop.  If you open any other program you will not be able to see your Desktop Notes.  You can make a Desktop Note "float on top" of any other programs so that it is always visible if you like - do this by ticking "Always on Top" from the Menu (see picture above).