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Printing Addresses

Printing Addresses

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Printing Addresses

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How do I print Addresses?

With WinVask avtaler you can easily print Addresses from your Address Book.  You can print to a printer, you can preview the printout on your screen, or you can even create a PDF!  To print Addresses, simply open your WinVask avtaler Address Book, and choose "Print Addresses..." from your "File" menu.  The screen that will appear is outlined below...

Print Style:

Select whichever "Style" calendar you want to print.  At this time there is only one style you can choose, called "Table Style".  More styles will follow in future versions.


Print Range:

From this droplist you can either choose to include all the Addresses in your Address Book (by choosing "Everyone"), or you can select a Group of Addresses.



Here you can select from a number of "Targets", including the default printer, or PDF!


Other Options:

The options displayed here will vary depending on what you selected above in the "Target" section.  If you select to print to a printer, then you will be presented with:

"Preview before printing" - This opens a "Print Preview" screen from where you can either print the report, or you can cancel.

If you select "PDF" as the Target (see above), then you be presented with these options:

"Open the file after we have generated it" - This will cause the PDF to open (using Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is installed on your computer) after it has been saved.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download (built by Adobe - not by us, we take no responsibility or credit for how it works) and can be downloaded from
"Open the folder we are saving into once generated" - This will open the folder into which the PDF was generated (using Windows Explorer).
"Filename" - WinVask avtaler will generate the report, and then save it to your hard drive as a PDF document.  Enter the file name for that PDF document here, or use the lookup button to select a PDF file (which will be overwritten).

Once you have selected the options that you want to use, simply press the "Print" button, or the "Generate" button.